Welcome to Arc Counselling

Please contact us on 01157270626

Q – Who has to pay?

A – It’s free to unemployed people and those on a minimum state pension, for example. We’ll discuss this with you when you come for assessment – click on ‘Get in touch’ above to arrange an appointment

Q – If I need to pay – how much will it cost?

A – It depends on you, and your ability to pay, but prices per session start at £0 and the maximum anyone will pay is £50 per session, find out more without obligation by clicking on ‘Get in touch’, above

Q – Will I be means tested?

A – No, there is no means test. We will work with you to understand what you feel you can afford to pay

Q – How can you do this?

A – Our counselling staff are volunteers – we’re able to see people other counsellors can’t afford to