What we do
Arc Counselling
Accessible to All
Arc Counselling promotes emotional health and well-being to anyone who needs it – regardless of age, ethnicity or income
We’re able to provide socially-accessible therapeutic experiences through the efforts of our dedicated experienced and professionally trained volunteers
A Trustworthy Confidant
Arc understands the power of trust and with that we ensure that all the personal information disclosed to us is confidential.
We offer you a safe environment where, if you want to, are free to talk safely without fear of rejection, criticism or blame
Innovative Practices
We like to keep up to date with the world and that includes the practices that we can offer. Our practitioners make full use of modern approaches to therapy and counselling but we’ll never lose sight of what’s important – you
It about you - the ‘You’ Approach
This is about about listening to you
About helping you to understand what is happening in your life now, what happened to you in the past, and helping you to make sense of how you feel about the future
It’s about supporting you
Counselling is:
confidential. What you discuss with the counsellor will be kept private
about exploring any anxiety, dilemmas, problem, feelings concerning you now or in the past
a voluntary activity - no-one can 'make you' undertake counselling
Counsellors will:
listen without judging
accept who you are
provide emotional support
help you reach your own decisions
explore making changes
help you locate appropriate coping strategies
Counsellors won't:
make decisions for you
tell you what to do
meet up with you socially
Carl Rogers